Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LOLcat can haz agent?

In honor of the impending Queryfail 2: Bigger, Better, Angstier, I've put together a LOLcat query letter. I think if cats could type, this is what they'd say. That and 'feed me.'


  1. Oh, yes! Lolcat queries!

    Why do I suspect that agents actually get letters like this sometimes?

    Haha. :P

  2. bwahahahah! You just made my morning. :) I put this on my blog too (with credit where credit is due, of course). Because...everyone should have themselves an LOL.

  3. No problem, Guppy! Re-posting is the highest compliment! :-)

    And yeah, it makes me sad to think there are actual humans sending queries like this out, rather than LOLcat felines who have an excuse, being egocentric and rather silly creatures at times.

  4. I hope my cats don't see this. They are super competitive and will demand to also be published...right after getting another bowl of food!

    Very cute! :)