Thursday, January 12, 2012

Edits Are Like Shiny Objects...

...I get easily distracted by them.

First off, I'm alive!

Second, I finished my latest round of revisions for Knights of Avalon. It only took me over a year. I actually finished about a month ago, but then the holidays happened, and free time was not happening.

Now that I'm done and the mss. is out with my beta readers, I desperately need to busy myself with something else. Because when you're waiting for your beta readers to get back to you, it's like this:

Yes, I need to chill and just enjoy the puppehs. While I wait, I'm also going to try and update this blog and maybe do a giveaway. Is there any book in particular you'd like me to give away? I take requests! I love to get things for people. I live around the DC area, so if you know of an author headed my way, I can get books signed and hold a contest.


The always awesome James of Book Chic Club has put together a list of Mid-Atlantic book signings and events. Check the list out. If you see something on there that you want, let me know and I will do my best to get it and have a contest. I want to get you all books! Let me get you books!

Also, the Internet Famous Intern (IFI) has drawn a picture (several, in fact) of Justine, my MC from Knights of Avalon. That's my girl! In stick-figure form. I love it.